She hasn t responded in 4 days

When she didn't text back, it might suggest your timing was wrong. As Step 4 suggests, there's a time and a place to employ certain types of texting. So, time your texts right and use the right type of texts. 6. Send a Casual Reminder These are useful "in-between" texts to just remind her of you.


Answer (1 of 15): Leave it be. There are plenty of other girls to strike up conversations with. She is just one. If she’s ever interested in you, she will text you. She’s undoubtedly got many guy’s phone numbers that she can text/talk and keep her busy. In reality, you are probably just not high.

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6. He texted back the next day We’ve all been there. You’re too busy, and you forget all about your texts. Or you’re super tired and just crash and go to bed early. It happens. Don’t freak out. We’re only human. As long as it happens every once in a while. 7..

13. He’s talking to other women. This is the first thing that springs to mind when he hasnt texted me back in 24 hours. I know how guys’ brains operate and given that we’re “just talking” and not in an official relationship yet, there’s nothing.

Right now, for example, I'm convinced a dear friend is angry or distressed that I still haven't responded to his newsy pre-Christmas message; meanwhile, a professional contact who suggested.

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